Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Thermal Fluids group specializes in fluid dynamics, turbulence, heat transfer, and thermodynamics. Current projects include solar energy analysis, wind turbine analysis, reentry vehicles, internal combustion engines, and laser fusion support.

Gregory Burton, 925-422-3515
Group Leader

ContactPhoneDiscipline Expertise
Victor Beck 925-423-3999
Greg Burton 925-422-3515 rad-hydro, Fluid Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Combustion, Software Development, Parallel Computing
Clara Druzgalski 925-423-6234
Ik Jang 925-424-3770
Chris Kavouklis 925-423-2152 Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computational Mechanics, Parallel Computing, Computational Grids, Applied Mathematics
Jason Ortega 925-423-3824
Nachiket Patil 925-422-8120
Margareta Rehak 925-423-6832 Dyna/Paradyn, Ansys, Structural Analysis, Fluid Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Software Development, Parallel Development
Suzanne Singer 925-423-1411 Solar energy, renewable energy, energy and resource use analysis, thermoelectrics, thermal analysis, structural analysis, fluids analysis
Elizabeth Stein 925-423-6595 Rocket motor design and analysis, computational fluid dynamics, combustion, materials, pump design, mesh generation, structural design and analysis, experimental methods