Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Energy Conversion and Storage group specializes in combustion, hydrogen storage and delivery, flywheel technology, and alternative energy analysis.

Sal Aceves, 925-422-0864
Group Leader

ContactPhoneDiscipline Expertise
Sal Aceves 925-422-0864 Fluid Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Combustion, Energy
Nick Killingsworth 925-422-8489 Labview, StarCCM, Combustion, Energy
Katherine Ong 925-423-1069 Carbon Capture, Reaction Kinetics, Energy, Thermal Analysis, Power Systems
Guillaume Petitpas 925-423-0348 Ansys, Structural Analysis, Fluid Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Mechanical Analysis, Combustion, Energy
Russell Whitesides 925-423-2500 Fluid Analysis, Thermal Analysis, Combustion, Energy, Software Development