Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Computational Mechanics group develops the ALE3D code, which is a state-of-the-art simulation code for hydrodynamics and multiphsyics simulations. They also have expertise in algorithms, software development, solid mechanics, and fluid dynamics.

Andrew Anderson, 925-423-9634
Group Leader

ContactPhoneDiscipline Expertise
Andrew Anderson 925-423-9634 ALE3D, Thermal Analysis, Mechanical Analysis, Energy, Materials, Software Development, Parallel Computing
Jamie Bramwell 925-423-5074 Software Development, Parallel Computing, Finite Element Methods, Solid Mechanics
David Dawson 925-423-4546 ALE3D, Software Development, Verification & Validation, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Thermal Analysis, Parallel Computing
Tim Dunn 925-422-8258 ALE3D, Fluid Analysis, Software Development, Parallel Computing
Saad Khairallah 925-422-0675 ALE3D, Plasma/MHD, Software Development, Parallel Computing
Jeremy White 925-423-1357 ALE3D, Mechanical Analysis, Software Development, Parallel Computing
Steven Wopschall 925-422-3059 Solid Mechanics, Contact Mechanics, Finite Element Methods, Numerical Methods Development, Software Development, Parallel Computing
Youngsoo Choi 925-422-0217 PDE-constrained optimization, Reduced order modeling, Numerical optimization, Numerical linear algebra, Numerical partial differential equation, Large-scale scientific computing, Machine learning, Topology optimization