Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

June 10-12, 2014

Troy, New York

The symposium is the seventh in a series of US-France symposia organized under the auspices of the International Center for Applied Computational Mechanics (ICACM). ICACM is a partnership between several French and American Universities with the scope of promoting joint research at the forefront of computational mechanics. The scope of the ICACM 2014 conference is to highlight recent advances in all aspects related to scale transition in plasticity, with focus on challenges associated with the understanding and modeling of this class of complex interactions. The meeting will foster the interactions between scientists with different background and expertise, including mathematics, materials science, theoretical, computational and experimental mechanics.

  • Mathematical and computational aspects of multiscale deformation of materials
  • Computational multiscale plasticity, including atomistics, dislocation dynamics, continuum models of dislocations evolution, crystal plasticity.
  • Localization of plastic deformation at multiple scales
  • Fracture and damage mechanics

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