Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Computational Electromagnetics group has discipline expertise in electromagnetics, acoustics, plasmas, high-energy-density physics, nondestructive evaluation, and inverse problems. They also have extensive knowledge of general applied mathematics, software development, and high performance parallel computing.

Ben Fasenfest, 925-423-6056
Group Leader

ContactPhoneDiscipline Expertise
Dave Braun 925-423-6275 Hydrodynamics, laser-plasma interaction, EOS experiments
Jerry Burke 925-422-8414 Electromagnetics
Mark Converse 925-422-6499 ALE3D, CUBIT, EMSolve, XFDTD, EM Analysis, Plasma/MHD, XPATCH
Jonathan Cranford 925-422-3420 Computational Modeling of Electricity in Biological Tissue, Parameter Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization, 3D Data Analysis and Visualization, Parallel Computing, MATLAB, Python, C/C++, VisIt, ParaView
Tony DeGroot 925-422-5496 Dyna/Paradyn, CUBIT, Structural Analysis, Mechanical Analysis, Software Development, Parallel Computing
Jeff Kallman 925-423-2447 Non-destructive Evaluation, Computed Tomography, Software Development, Parallel Computing
Joseph Koning 925-423-6056 ALE3D, CUBIT, rad-hydro, EMSolve, EM Analysis, Plasma/MHD, Software Development, Parallel Computing
Chris Kueny 925-423-1359 Plasma, MHD, PIC, EMP, DPF, Accelerators, Machine Learning
Sean Lehman 925-423-3580 Non-destructive Evaluation, Inverse Methods, Software Development, Remote Sensing
Robert Sherwood 925-422-6232 Dyna/Paradyn, Software Development, Parallel Computing
Jonathan Wong 925-423-2518 Dyna/Paradyn, Parallel Computing, GPU Computing, Mechanical Analysis, FEM Heart Modelling